We are pleased to announce that “50 Shades of GPS” is being supported through Chaspen Foundation for the Arts, a Washington State non-profit.

What this means is that your donation, through Chaspen is tax-deductible and is eligible for matching employee donations, if your employer offers that – double your mileage!

The full budget for the film is $12,000, but much of that is in-kind services donated by the many people enthusiastic about the project. In hard costs, we can make the film if just 10%  — $1,200 — can be raised. Won’t you join with Chaspen Foundation in getting this fine project on the road?

Even the smallest donation helps, but for your donation of:

  • Write in any amount – you’ll have our thanks and your name immortalized on this website
  • $20 you will receive thanks in the credits of the film
  • $100 listing as an associate producer in the credits and on the film’s IMDB page
  • $500 listing as an executive producer in the credits and on the film’s IMDB page

If you would prefer to make your donation by mail, please contact us.

Thank you!

Mike Denman, Director
Budi Mulyo, Producer
Eva Moon, Writer

And here’s an extra message from Antonio: Te voy a perseguir en tu sueños.